Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Freebie for Fall....

Hello my friends!

Fall is just around the corner... 
the leaves are starting to fall in my yard (despite the 90 degree temps.) 
and my girls are back in school!!! 

I can now complete an uninterrupted thought... 
walk through the house in perfect quiet... 
wash the dishes and have the sink stay empty (at least until 3:30). 
Ah, fall. Soon we will be carving pumpkins, raking, looking for Halloween costumes, etc., etc.

I am so happy to offer a new Autumn freebie. 
It's the third in this series... I guess winter is next.... but I don't want to even think about that just yet!


~ M


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We are all beautiful!

Another non-stitching post... BUT - it occurred to me today...

We are ALL beautiful women!

Below is a picture taken this summer at our local street fest of:
my sister (left), 17 year old daughter (middle) and me (the short one on the right).

Under that... is my 10 year old daughter....

Under that... is my mom....

Seeing these, it occurred to me that no matter what shape, size, age, weight, color... we are all beautiful!

Don't believe what you see in magazines - it's fake and airbrushed.
Don't obsess over what you see on TV or in movies - they have plenty of paid employees just to make them look good.

We are REAL women!
And - dang - we look good - extra pounds, gray hair, wrinkles, cooked teeth and all!

Our differences (and similarities) and imperfections (and our beauty) are what make us special, unique! 
So very cool!

Here's to all of us womenfolk! We rock!

~ M

PS - This, by no means, means that men are any different! 
They, too, struggle with some of the same issues as women, and, 
they too are beautiful in their unique qualities as as well!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 New Halloween Designs!! WooHoo!

Hello Friends!

Before we know it, the leaves will be turning vibrant colors, the air will get crisp and chilly...
and Halloween will arrive!

Here are some new designs available on my website -
Have a fantastic day! ~ M

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Hubbie!

Here is a fun link to see my funky bass playin' hubby at our Athens Annual Boogie on the Bricks 
(an outdoor festival where we shut down our main street in Athens to fill it with beer gardens, people young & old, face painting, balloons, etc.)
So Much Summer Fun!

My guy is the first you see, the one all the way on the left
with sunglasses on his head, dancing in a quirky fashion, an occasional goofy grin
and playing the funky blues bass guitar.

: ) Smiles! : )