Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that I might be MIA for a bit.... I got the dreaded computer virus that was all over the news. If anyone is trying to reach me, please be patient, I'll be in touch ASAP... And hope to talk more to you all soon! ~M

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ SIGH~.... of Happiness!!!!!! : )

 Hi Y'all!

After 5 days... and temps very near 100 degrees for those 5 days... my power is finally back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo happy!

On a sad note - Friday - the catastrophic storms that hit much of the eastern US - came through my small neighborhood. I'd never seem anything like it, trees bent sideways.... 100 mile an hour winds... and lightening everywhere - many trees down...and once again the tornado sirens went off scaring my girls quite badly! 

On a bad note... Power went out... and stayed out for a loong time. Friday to Tuesday. Temps were (are) an unbearable near 100 during the day... 80's at night. Had to throw away 3 trash bags of food from my very warm fridge since I had just gone shopping.  Bummer! : (  Whole town was/is under a boil order and all stores were out of bottled water and ice.  (at least now we CAN boil the water)

On a good note - there was one night of candle light, cooler temps and a portable battery powered DVD player with my hubby & daughter where we watched "Apollo 13" (man, those guys had it bad!) and ate pringles. 

On a funny note - it took me 4 days to stop trying to turn on the light switch every time I entered a dark room - which was every time I entered a room! 

On a happy note - it's back on!!!!! Sooo happy. Thanks to all of you who left lovely comments and if I've received emails from you... I'll be in touch soon. Working my way down the list and trying to get caught up.

I never realized how much I love my 'lectricity... but I do! I'll try to remember to be grateful from here on out!

Hope you all are doing well, staying cool, and enjoying some electricity! I'm off to do a few (hundred) loads of laundry!

: )