Friday, October 18, 2013

An Autumn Walk!

I went for a walk around my house today with my dog, Wilbur. 
It was such a beautiful day!

 One red tree.

Love the red berries on the green leaves!

A confused dandelion.

My husband named this tree "Gary".
He did.
I don't know why. :)
I thought it was interesting that half still had leaves, and the other half was naked.

Beautiful red bushes.
Jim, that fence still needs work.

Yes, the sky was THAT blue. Crazy blue.

Aren't those colors amazing?!

 Back pasture with the red tree.

Yellow. Green. Red.

This is why it's called "fall".

Another confused flower!

And another.

And another! What are these little guys thinking? It was 40 degrees this morning! Of course it's still 70 during the day.

Puffy clouds and pines.
My husbands mother planted these pines in our yard when they were tiny and now they are at least twice as tall as our house!


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