Friday, April 2, 2010

NEWS... no eBay - yes Etsy!

Hello all, I hope this fine Friday finds you well! It is beautiful here in Ohio!

I just wanted to pass along some news. I am closing the doors on my eBay store. It is sad, sniff, as I have had my little eBay shop for years.

The folks at eBay have implemented a sudden and drastic price increase. I just couldn't believe my eyes after years of giving them repeat business.... well, I just don't want to support that. I suppose I may occasionally list a new releases there, but my shop will be no more. Greed is a sad thing.

Anyhoo - I do want to support Etsy. For those of you who purchase my designs through eBay, but are unfamiliar with Etsy, let me tell you that it is very similar, easy to use and safe, and you can still use PayPal. I think you'll be very pleased. Feel free to have a look - - they have so many talented artists it's mind boggling.

My designs are still available through several distributors, many "brick and mortar" shops and as PDF "e-patterns" on my website -

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and wish you all a relaxing, yet fun filled week-end!


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