Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Snow!

Hello My Friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I had 12 people in my house (ranging in ages from 2 to 83) for three days! 
I used EVERY dish in the house, not just once, not twice, but 3 separate times!
BUT - we had such fantastic fun!

Two days later - I was reluctantly thrust back into reality 
when I went in for minor dental surgery. 
Eeeew. Ick.
You may remember a post way back about my teeth not obeying. 
Actually they are being out-right disrespectful!
Well... over the last few years... my teeth & I have had a "falling out" (no pun intended! : ) 
so - this is my way of apologizing for being MIA lately.

But, I am back up and running...
(actually, I avoid running whenever possible as I usually have scissors in my hand) 
and I am working on some new designs!

I did want to share a picture of my front yard yesterday. 
We had our First Snow on December First! 
Very fitting. 
Our first snow is usually melting within hours - but this one is still here today! 

Hope you all are warm, cozy & happy!


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