Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thunder and Lightning... very, very frightening!

 Craaazzzy day!

I woke up this morning to MORE rain....
all of which I usually love.

I was sippin' my coffee and checking my computer
when I heard the loudest Crraaaccckkk I've ever heard....
I nearly jumped out of my PJ bottoms!

Lightning struck an old favorite giant sycamore tree just outside of my little studio.
Seriously, that lightning was roughly 14 feet away!

The tree seems like it will be okay (thank goodness) 
it knocked out a few circuit breakers...
killed our cable, phone, and internet
(time warner has been here all day, 
and obviously we are just about back up and running)

The TV's were playing in strange colors for a bit, 
but have seemed to have healed themselves.

The only fatality was my lovely MP3 player
 a constant companion & friend for years.
May she rest in peace... I loved her well.

Could have been worse though. Jeesh!

Stay dry & safe!

~ Maria


Patty C. said...

That was a close one !! I am glad you didn't have any more damage than you did -

I hope the remainder of your day is lovely

Rhona said...

OMG, that was close! The scars on the tree are amazing.

Let's hope for sunshine from now on!