Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Question for you all....

Hi My Friends!

I have a question for you all....

I am being considered for an ornament in the 
"Just Cross Stitch" magazine ornament issue. 

Hopefully the "Halloween" issue, 
OR... the "Christmas" issue. 

This would be huge!  : )

I have a design ready and stitched.... 
but I was wondering if any of you would be willing 
to take the finished stitched piece from me
and make it into an ornament for me? 

I would be happy to pay - 
or to trade in free designs of mine - 
but I would need the finished ornament back  
with simple directions of how it was made into an ornament
by October 1st!

A simple felt backed ornament with hanging
ribbon would be wonderful! 
Anything easy....
No need to be too fancy.... just simple and easy to follow.

The finished piece must fit - fininshed -
into a sandwich sized baggie.
My stitched piece allows for plenty of room for that.

 I think I could give you credit for the finishing in the article... 
but I am not in charge of what actually gets printed... 
so I can't guarantee that that.
I will if I can!

Anybody interested?




Mouse said...

If you get totally stuck and don't get any more help nearer to you I'll put my hand up ..lol love mouse xxx
www.talesofastitchingmouse.blogspot.com........ mouse_stitch3@yahoo.co.uk

Maggee said...

Congrats Maria! I know it will be a feather in your cap to be featured in a magazine. I do my own finishing, and it is fine...but... I would recommend Vonna (Twisted Stitcher) as she is quite accomplished and clever! I always admire and sometimes copy her work! Hugs.

Faye said...

Good morning! I would be happy to help you out as this would be an honor!

carolina stitcher lriggsbee@nc.rr.com

Joy said...

I do "finish" work for others and would be glad to help out.

Myra said...

This is so exciting! I see several others have offered to help and I have seen some of their work so you are in good hands. I will be watching the JCS issues and hoping to "see" you there. Congratulations!

Maria said...

Awww.... ladies... thanks! This is JUST a possibility... I am submitting a design... it may or may not be chosen... but my fingers are crossed! : ) I will start contacting those of you that responded. Thanks again.. you all made my day! : )