Friday, January 20, 2012

New Design!

Hellllllloooooo! : )

I have a new design all ready! I am excited about this one...  it was a request by a lady who lives in New Orleans and she was looking for a "Happy Mardi Gras" design that was similar to my "Merry New Year". I didn't have one but thought.... I'll make one! : )  So, Gwen, here ya go... hope you like it!

Available on my website here:

and in my Etsy shop here:

If any of you others ever have ideas for designs, please just let me know. I've got tons on the back burners but will add them to my list!

Have a great week-end!

~ Maria


Lili said...

wow! How cute! Lovely for the Carnival season!!
Happy weekend!!
Hugs xx

Maria said...

Thanks Lili... hugs right back atcha! ~Maria