Thursday, March 8, 2012

FUN on Sale! : )


EVERY design 
on my Website!

: )  

~ M


Witch of Stitches said...

Thanks! Just received the three designs I ordered this afternoon. XO

Lili said...

Thank you!
Just made my order!! :)


Susan said...

Thank-you!!! I think I have almost every design. I did notice one on ABC Stitch Therapy - called Sylvania - is that yours???

Thank-you again...I do love your designs.

Maria said...

Hi Susan! Unfortunately, that one is not one of mine and I am not familiar with the title. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks! : ) ~Maria

Susan said...

I just checked again and they have it listed under your designs. Weird!

Maria said...

That IS odd - but just a human error I guess. If you ever figure out who's design it is... you should let them know so that they can get credit for their design! : )