Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hi Friends!

So sorry I've been away for so long! Things have been crazy and busy -  I'm sure you know what that's like!

I've been working on some Halloween designs and have a new design published in "Just Cross Stitch" magazine. So proud to be published AGAIN in such a wonderful magazine! My favorite. ;)

Check this out when you have a minute:
It's a pattern called "Eek".
 I hope to have 3 new Halloween designs stitched and charted by the end of the week-end (I'll share some sneak peeks if I can get my camera working) and I'll letcha know when they are ready to jump out of the nest.

I really WILL try to post more often. I sometimes feel like I have nothing really cool cross stitch related, or even just interesting to say, so I don't bother - BUT I might broaden my scope to everything funny, beautiful, AND cross stitch.

Would that interest you all?

THANKS & Take Care! :)

~ Maria


Chris said...

I love it Maria!!!!!

Maria said...

Thanks Chris! =)