Friday, November 22, 2013

Giveaway for Gratitude! :)


I've been cleaning for Thanksgiving and feeling grateful. So happy to be alive, and with my family- some of which will be arriving soon, hense the mad scramble to dust and clean!

Anyway, while cleaning, I found 4 of my leaflet patterns that were a goof on the front page (lack of ink - so dim black-n-white printing without the usual color) BUT with the black-n-white graph and legend perfectly clear and intact on the back. These are wonky - but still very stitchable! (See below for photos)

So - I hate to simply throw them away. I can't sell them, as they are imperfect (aren't we all), but I thought I might give them away? Yep - so....

The first 4 people to respond to my post with a name will receive one of these weird misprinted patterns that are still very stitchable. Please just leave your name & email and I will contact you for address so privacy is intact. As far as email addresses - you can put a space between to avoid spam from others - like mine would be mae @ thestitcherhood .com.  Space before and after @ and before the .whatever

The 4 free patterns are:
#129 Teach Peace
#128 - Funshine
#127 - My Blue Heaven
#126 - Grandmas

While posting - leave your name, email address and which pattern you choose.

First come first serve.

             Patterns all fine - just minus color (or most of the color)

  Backs with patterns in perfect state. Ready to be stitched and enjoyed!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Thanks and Blessed Be!



Yekaterina Haussler said...

Hi Maria! I would love to have your "My Blue Haven" pattern.
Katya Haussler
Thank you so, so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

dee said...

Hi Maria, I would love to have "Gramdmas". Thank you.... Dee Bartrug

Thanks once again.

Cath said...

I would love Teach Peace , if you don't mind sending to the Uk ?
katy . corner @ hotmail . co . uk
Thanks .x

katica said...

Would love fun shine please

Many thanks!


Maria said...

Looks like the 4 designs are claimed! :) If you 4 who posted would email me your addresses I will ship those out Monday morning

Thanks for playing along!


Maria said...

Hi folks!

I'm still waiting on 2 address so that I can ship these all out together and not make 4 different trips to the PO. I've emailed the 2 of you that I'm waiting on. Please send me an email with your address so I can get these out.