Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello friends!
Sorry to have been missing for so long!
To make it up to you, I have a new Valentine Freebie to offer!
:) xoxo


PS - How will you finish this? A card? An ornament? A pinkeep? 
Please share pictures!  I LOVE to see how my designs end up! :)


Robin said...

What a sweet Valentine to stitch! Thank you! Now to decide what red to stitch it in!

Robin in Virginia

Susan said...

Welcome back and Thank-you!!!

Lili said...

This is so sweet!!!
Thank you so much!!

Myra said...

Thank you Maria! So sweet and welcome back.

Chris said...

Thanks Maria!!

Mary Jones said...

I finished this freebie design today, and thought you might be interested in seeing it. I changed the colours, which I hope is okay. I've yet to make it up into anything, however.

It was a fun and easy little stitch. I've also stitched your freebie, "Boo" from awhile ago.

Both can be found on my blog, if you are interested:

I thoroughly appreciate your kindness in supplying us (your adoring public, that is!) with freebies and with regular patterns.

Thanks again :-)