Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello all!

I am back from a family visit to Florida, having fun and visiting the in-laws! While it was a bit chilly there, it was soooo nice to escape the snow & cold for a bit (see last post... ug). I do miss the sunshine. Winter here has been a black & white world where the sky above exactly matches the cement below.

The first picture is of my 2 girls & their dad being goofy & barefoot at CoCoa beach. Oh how I love the beach!! Second is my youngest and her dad in front of the Disney castle.

I guess now it's back to reality!   : )

BEST to you all!



Catherine said...

What a fun winter break! I know I could sure use one!

Susan said...

Welcome back to the frozen zone! known as OHIO. no I don't live there any longer (moved to SC in Oct 09) and the weather here is much better than there by about 20 degrees. Yes we had snow for 1/2 day(snowed Fri night melted Sat noonish) just how I like it.
Love your designs - keep up the good work.
Happy Stitching!