Saturday, September 4, 2010

History Buffs... Spooky Pictures! - non-stitchin' post.... again. : )

This summer, my family (2 daughters, husband, brother, dad, and I) took our annual trip to Lake Erie where we rent a house for the week on the shores of Lake Erie in a little gated community named Lakeside. 

This year we ventured out of the gates to the nearby Johnson's Island.

Johnson's Island is a 300 acre island. It was the site of a prisoner-of-war-camp for Confederate Officers
captured during the  American Civil War. During its three years of operation, more than 15,000 men were incarcerated there.

I was going through summer photos and noticed just how spooky some of these pictures turned out.... thoughts of Halloween! You can click on pictures to enlarge...

This wooden sign was so weathered!

You can't tell, but this fella was absolutely dripping with cobwebs!
See the black iron cross in the background?
I took a photo of it as well - but it was too weathered to even read the dates.

Here he is from farther back with the iron gate and sign above.
That's my brother in the bottom right corner, dad in the way back.

Did I mention that everything was covered in spider webs?!

There were many of these sad "Unknown" tombstones.

And lastly... my girls. Being a bit young to appreciate the history... they chose to gaze longingly across the water at Cedar Point. I'm amazed that at 17 and 11... they are still holding hands!  :  )


Ann said...


I love going to old cemeteries. The old tombstones are really works of art and often times so sad. I think my love of cemeteries was what prompted me to purchase your Salem Semetaries #8, I just framed it and it is on my current blog post.

THe photo of your girls is precious - even at their ages! ~Ann

Maria said...

Hi Ann!

I took a peek at your blog and your "Salem Semetary" & Autumn Freebie are wonderful! Also - the pics of "Shadow" are so cute!

: )