Friday, September 17, 2010

Torndo Pictures

Hello again!

Thanks for all of the well wishes. 
Seems that we, as a whole community, were very lucky to only 
have the loss of trees and structures - but no lives. 

I am going to post some additional tornado pictures - at the 
request of out-of-town family 
and friends. No particular order.
(click on image to enlarge)

 Taken today - these trees were completely sheared off across their tops. 
Beautiful weather today.

Taken today - A store on East State Street.

Taken today - The Athens Messenger building  - 1 of our 2 local newspapers.

Taken today - Athens Messenger building again - railing out front all twisted & warped.

Taken yesterday - my daughters high school - see those nasty clouds!

Taken today - my daughters high school football field. 
The twisted strange looking white metal on the left, across the field, was the 
visiting teams bleachers. Completely gone.

Taken today -  More Athens High School.
Taken yesterday - football field. 
Taken today - look at the difference in the weather! - driving around town.

Taken today - driving around town.

Taken yesterday - trailers tipped over.

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Jessica Moore said...

Those are awesome pictures, Maria!! Thanks for sharing -- crazy to see my little town all broken up. Glad most people came through unscathed, and I hope the insurance companies are amicable payers!!