Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ta Da!

All done!

Couldn't get great pictures...
too cloudy today.

Don't know what the white flecks are in the black.
They aren't there in real life. Hmmm.

Now what...

That was just so fun!
Tempted to start designing punchneedle designs 
as well as cross stitch...

What do you all think?

Happy! Happy! ~ M

PS - I'm calling this one "Shadow".
She was my buddy for several years.
She appeared on my doorstep on a freezing & snowy New Year Eve.
She was tiny.
She came through the door like she owned the place.
And she did.
She grew up with us.
She had kittens on Easter Sunday in my closet.
Then she vanished as suddenly as she appeared.
We still have her son, Fuzz.


Witch of Stitches said...

Great work. Why not design some punch needle?

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Wow, very impressive! I agree; you need to design some punch needle patterns! LOL!


Nancy said...

I love this, and what a great tribute to Shadow! I love this design so I'm sure your punchneedle designs would be just as wonderful as your cross stitch designs, but I have never tried it. There's always a first time!

Andrea said...

OMGOSH, too cute!! I love it :)