Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gift of Stitching Magazine

Hello friends!

Hope you are all doing well. 
Most of the country is having some major icky weather.... 
and for once... 
it skipped us!
We ended up in a tiny pocket of warm air (if you can call 34 warm) and only got rain! 
Not sure how that happened because it seems that in every direction there is ice or snow or both!
But, we lucky this time!

Hope you all have a chance to check out the Counted Wishes festival.... 
I have TWO new designs featured there!

AND - 
I am SO excited to announce - 
for those of you that subscribe to
"Gift of Stitching" Magazine - 
I have a pattern featured in this months issue!

Stay warm and safe!  : )



Nicola said...

Just saw it, I recognized your style before I even saw who designed it! Well done!

Katya5 said...

I saw it - congratulations!

Lili said...

I saw! and I love it!

Chris said...

I love the pattern in this months issue. Thank you