Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay, here are the options thus far....

1. Snowy Night
2. The House on Snow Hill
3. Red House on Winter Hill
4. Red House in Winter 

I'll give it until the end of the week-end 
and then have a random generator decide because I love them all!

If you come up with more ideas... let us know!

~ M


рыжая said...

Назовите эту миниатюру "счастье близко".Ведь когда тебе холодно,и ты видишь светящиеся окна своего дома,то идешь быстрее,а оказавшись возле камина с чашечкой горячего чая ты чувствуешь себя счастливым и спокойным.
Name this miniature "happiness close".Ведь when to you cold, and you see shone windows of the house you go faster, and it having appeared near a fireplace with a cup of hot tea you feel happy and quiet.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

My vote is for #2 and it is charming.

рыжая said...

Хорошее название.

vivian said...

How about "Warm Welcome".
The windows show warmth, either fire in the fireplace or heat, also means someone is home.
this is a charming design. I have never done punch needle but have seen some lovely design. I will someday try it.

Maria said...

Hello all!

I think I will postpone the deadline since ideas are still coming in. I had a sicko kiddo and my dad is visiting, so it works out just fine. Love all of the ideas and will have a random number generator choose a number since I can't decide!

Smiles ~ M

PS - Working on a Christmas Angel Punchneedle at the moment as well as a peace cross stitch.