Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Punchneedle!

Well folks.... cold weather is here in Ohio!
In the 30's this morning.... Brrr.
I was inspired to make my first winter punchneedle design.
 Shows a small red house at night on a snow covered hill with pine trees,
a red cardinal, and smoke billowing from the chimney with one bright star.
I can't think of a good name for it??? 
Any ideas?

: )  ~ M


alyssa_marie80 said...

beautiful! no idea for names however...But I would love to learn how to do punch needle....

April Mechelle said...

Snowy Night !!! I like that name! I really like that design.

Witch of Stitches said...

This is beautiful, I really like it.
The House on Snow Hill
Red House on Winter Hill

Maria said...

Great name ideas ya'll... 'cept now I'm even more confused... they are ALL so good. We have:

1. Snowy Night
2. The House on Snow Hill
3. Red House on Winter Hill

Any more suggestions? Maybe we could all vote on the name?

: ) ~Maria

Nancy said...

Another beautiful punchneedle design! I suggest Red House in Winter for the name.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to do punch needle but the projects look so amazing that I really want to learn. I love your angel! She is lovely. My title for your first chart would be "Coming Home". I can imagine longing to be in that cozy red house on a snowy winter night and the delight I would feel at coming home. Tina S