Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Morning Pic

I was just emptying my camera in order to photograph some new designs....

and found this pic that I had forgotten I'd taken Christmas morning.

See him? Sneaky little beasty!

~ M

PS - In the left upper corner you can see the window to the deck...
with snow from a white Christmas...
and a bowl of oats left for the reindeer!

Just above the fuzzy cat, 
you can see an picture ornament of my Jayne by the lake.
We made photograph ornaments this year for family 
and they turned out so well, we made some for our own tree.


Ann said...

Maria, What is it about cats and the Christmas tree? Is it that they think we brought the outdoors in just for them? Mine like to hide out under there too. ~Ann

Maria said...

Oh yes! He most certainly thinks it's his tree.... and the water in the tree stand is his as well! At least he has grown out of his climb up the trunk and play with the ornaments phases. He's content to lounge underneath and watch his world go by. : )