Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have a question....

Hey stitchers!  : )

I have a question for you all.
I need some ideas... so put you thinkin' cap on!

I am thinking of offering some sort of "subscription" for my designs.
Something like.... 

Discounted patterns in PDF format 
automatically emailed to you every month for a small yearly fee?

A brand new design automatically emailed to you each month?
A discount on your choice of current designs?

That sort of thing.

Any ideas?
What would entice all of you?

Thanks bunches!


PS - The person with the winning idea will get a free emailed PDF design of their choice...
lets say, by Feb 14th (Valentines Day!)  : )


April Mechelle said...

Hello Maria !! I am into series stitching... you know where you have 4 or more charts that can be put together to form a bigger picture. That seems to be popular right now. Like maybe something for the season's Spring,summer,winter, & fall. Maybe something with 4 indivual charts that is beachy or jungle theme. That way when you buy one chart, you will want to come back for the others!!

April Mechelle said...

I also forgot to mention. I am having a hard time finding baby or toddler type designs. Not like winnie the pooh. Just maybe girly or boy stuff in the blue & browns & Pink & brown colors. Or natural colors to fit in any room. I think your designs would be great !!!

Mare said...

Hi Maria,

I've sent you an email with my idea.



Sarah said...

I would rather pay individually for patterns. There are so many designers to choose from that you dont really want to be paying yearly subscriptions and I usually only like the odd pattern here and there. Just my humble opinion.

Katya5 said...

Hi Maria,
I think that yearly subscription might be too long of a deal. Maybe try - six months subscription, every month we e-mail you a brand new design of the month PLUS one design of your choice....
That way, you get your new designs out there plus the stitcher has a choice of their own...
Hope this helps.
Good luck!

Teri said...

Hi Maria,
Well, here is my 2 cents worth. I love your charts ... however, I don't love all of them. Some just seem to suit me while others are really not my taste. Sometimes I just want a quick stitch and your charts are GREAT for that!
Like Sarah, I do not believe I would want to be attached to 12 months.
However, I do think that it can be done. But, I also believe that you have to be given options,choices. (different patterns) to choose from.Like I would not want you to send me say February's chart and I don't like it ... I don't want to be stuck with a PDF file that I will never use and cannot resale.
I think you could try something like how a gift card works ... start will say an amount say 40.00 offer monthly charts choices ... and let the buyer reload the card when and if they want to. Kind of like a "Stitcherhood Debit Card"
Good luck I hope it works out for ya!
BTW, I really do love your quaker style!

Maria said...

Thanks, y'all, for the comments!

Sounds like it's not a very popular idea... which is odd because I've have several requests over the years for something like that.

I think some people wanted to do it that way instead of a lot of separate purchases - so the Stitcherhood gift/debit card thingie would fit that perfectly!
: ) Good idea!

The idea was maybe some sort of a series... maybe something similar to Lizzie Kate's block series... or Carriage House Samplings Hawk run series... or monthly... holidays... seasonal, alphabets, etc.

The idea was that, with the subscription, you'd get an monthly installment of the series... but if you wanted, you could choose to pick any pattern already released instead. I was thinking like $36 for the year... which is $3.00 a PDF. Much cheaper in the long run.

Anyway... No biggie!

Mare also suggested a "Stitch-A-Long" which sounds fun!

I appreciate the thoughts and input. I do love all of the great ideas.... keep 'em comin'!

: ) Maria

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a series of word charts like: Faith, Hope, Peace, Live, Laugh and Love etc. Charted like your sampler style for Valentines Day. They would be one color and small enough for pin cushions, door hangers or Christmas ornaments and great for the quick gift. You could do 2 every other month. I enjoy stitching your designs and I can't wait to see what you decide.

Sherry Tanner