Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 new patterns! Woo Hoo!

Hello friends!

 I have 2 new patterns that have just been released....

The first is my version of The Samplermakers Autumn Challenge. 
We were all given several Autumn motifs and then were to use those 
to make our own design with them. It has been so
fun to watch everyone's different designs!

Notice the new look?
Whatchoo think?  
: )

Available on my website:

Or in my Etsy shop:

I had one all finished... and then found a goof, so I
have pulled it and will repost after it is fixed.
At least I caught it BEFORE it went out all over the place! : )


Katya5 said...

Hi Maria,
Love your first pattern; "Dancing on the Moon" is good, but I would like more color on that one.
Awesome patterns! Thank you for sharing.

Maria said...

Hi! I can see that... but I felt like the muted colors were perfect for me... drab Halloween primitive look...the photo doesn't do it justice... but I liked them. I encourage all stitchers to change any and all colors to their own preferences and would love to see your version! : )

Lili said...

I like the new ones!

did you change the template in your blog?! cool look!

Big hug!

Maria said...

: ) The template changes every now and then depending on my mood or the season... BUT the big change I was referring to was that I am now able to design & print my own designs!

They have changed a bit... just the fronts. For the better, I hope! This is a big accomplishment for me and has been a goal of mine for a long time. My (super) husband, in the past, has helped me to put together all of my designs... and he did a wonderful job! BUT seeing as he already has full time customers... I often had to wait until he "had a few minutes". Not his fault at all... he is busy & wonderful! BUT I was able to teach myself to design my own leaflets... and I am so proud!

Hope you all like them... basically the same... just a difference in appearance of the front. Otherwise - the same.

: ) Feels good to learn something new... and to be self-sufficient! : )


Maria said...

I guess a good way to see the difference is to look at some of my older releases on the left sidebar as you scroll down... compared to the newly posted leaflets. You can see the difference in the appearance of the front. I think it is cleaner and focuses more on the design itself... but would love input from you all!