Sunday, September 11, 2011

More finishes...

I got a lovely email from Janice 
with some photos of her finishes.
Thought I'd share them with you all.

Thanks Janice!
aren't they wonderful!

~ M ~


MJ said...

Hello, I write my own blog too and I'd like to link your season Stitcherhood freebies on my site if thats ok with you, mentioning where I got them of course. I'll wait for your reply, feel free to stop by and visit at

Maria said...


I don't mind you sharing the freebie designs but ask that you simply put the photos on your blog with a link to my website to receive the charts.



Susan said...

I love these...especially the trees.

MJ said...


Sure! Thats what I always do, I paste just an image of the product n then link it to the original site for the readers to download it, one of my main policies is to respect the owner's copyright which most blogs don't do, sadly.Many people think that when it comes to the net there's no laws at all!
Btw thnx for your reply and permission.

MJ said...

Hello María, It's me again. The entry about the stitcherhood is already posted in case you wanna check it out at


Maria said...

That's great... thanks!

~ Maria