Monday, September 5, 2011

Finishes to share...

Hello all!

It's a cozy rainy day here.  
Love having a Monday off!

Susan was so thoughtful to share some of here finishes with me.
They were so creative - just beautiful!
Had to share them with you too.

I've been meaning to add a "gallery" to my website for finishes,
but haven't gotten that done yet - so until then, I'll share them here.

Thanks Susan!

If anyone else every wants to share their finishes - I'd be thrilled!

Have a great day!

~ Maria

Aren't they great!?


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

They are beautiful :)

Mouse said...

lovely finishes and just love the boxes they are in too :) love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

Great finishes.
Have a great week!

Lili said...

They are lovely!

Susan said...

Thank-you very much for your lovely comments. (This is the first time I have shared anything on the www!! It encourages me to do more...The Stitcherhood designs are so simple and wonderful. They work perfectly with my 'eclectic' decor.